The Future Fifty is a year-long programme for selected high-growth companies. It provides access to expertise within government and across the private sector tailored to your company’s needs.


The UK government has some of the world’s most comprehensive support for high growth businesses, but a challenge for many companies is navigating their way through the variety of options on offer.

The Future Fifty programme matches qualifying companies with publicly funded schemes and incentives relevant to their stage of growth and specific needs. The dedicated team provides a ‘concierge’-style service connecting companies with support and advice designed to facilitate continued growth.

The programme also aims to boost visibility and exposure of the companies to institutional investors.

Future Fifty Companies

In October 2013, the first 25 high growth, high potential companies were selected to take part in the Future Fifty programme. A further 25 companies were announced in December 2013. You can view the profiles of all 50 companies here:

Programme Partners and Advisory Panel

Promoted as some of the UK’s fastest growing and most exciting companies, Future Fifty companies have access to the experience and expertise of a broad range of private sector partner organisations as well as the Future Fifty Advisory Panel.

The Advisory Panel is made up of experts from across the private sector and includes venture and growth capital investors, specialists from leading law and accounting firms, as well as members of management teams that have recently listed their companies in the UK.

More about the Advisory Panel

A broad range of private sector partner organisations with deep experience of high-growth businesses and public markets have been assembled to provide mentorship and business development support in areas including accountancy and legal advice, corporate governance, marketing and public relations and support for companies approaching a public listing.

The support provided by these partners, as well as the contributions of any further organisations interested in supporting the programme, will be driven by the particular needs of the Future Fifty companies.

You can find more information about the Future Fifty partners by visiting their website:

Organisations interested in supporting the programme can get in touch using this form:

Potential Partners

Selection Process and Criteria

The companies were selected through an open competition judged by the Future Fifty Advisory Panel. The application process is now closed.

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