We are nearly a month on from the Future Fifty launch, so we’re taking a look back at the highlights from our key note speaker, Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman of Ogilvy Group UK. Rory entertained the room on a brilliant evening with a healthy mix of humour and education. The full video can be found below, but here’s a summary of 10 key points that we took from his speech…

1. Doesn’t matter if you’re very very brilliant or very very lucky, the reason you come up with an idea is irrelevant – it is how its received by the public that creates its value

2. Tech innovation is driven by novelty seeking as much as utility 

3. The only good measure of innovation is behavioural change

4. An invention and innovation are very different things. Invention + clever marketing = innovation

5. It’s much harder to get fired for being logical than it is for being imaginative 

6. By getting someone to look at something from a different angle we can turn any negative into a positive

7. Change people’s perception by changing what people pay attention to

8.  Marketing is the costly demonstration of faith in your futurity

9. Discretionary effort – without it having a slight pointlessness your product will only be half as likeable 

10. Upfront expense is an indication of long term intention 


Future Fifty at the Design Museum

WE'RE LIVE! Join us in welcoming 26 of the UK's finest tech companies onto the Future Fifty programme! Live stream from the Design Museum:

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