Ahead of the Future Fifty ‘Going Global Summit’, we hear from the CMO of Brighton-based social intelligence company Brandwatch, Will McInnes, on the firm’s strategic global expansion across the world.

Far beyond Britain’s borders, the use of sophisticated and blended data is fast becoming a driving force in the business and marketing worlds. At Brandwatch, social intelligence and finding smart insights from data are our passions. We’re fiercely proud of being a Brighton-based firm, with ambitious sights set on global expansion beyond our six offices throughout the UK, United States, Germany and most recently, Singapore.

We opened our Singapore office in June 2015, led by our VP of APAC Christel Quek. Building on its presence in the UK, North America and Germany, Brandwatch created team in Singapore to manage demand from existing multinational clients, and take a proactive approach to respond to huge significant potential in the region. A presence in Singapore has allowed Brandwatch to build relationships with marketers in APAC and provide them with the same quality of service that has driven our business’ global growth since our firm’s inception.

Brandwatch appointed Christel Quek as VP Commercial for South East Asia, the first important new hire in the region. Previously at Twitter, and named as one of Campaign Asia’s 20 Women to Watch, Christel has propelled our presence and global offerings in the APAC region bringing a depth of experience in the tech space in this market.


Earlier this year, independent research firm Forrester, released its Enterprise Social Listening APAC study which ranked Brandwatch as one of only two leaders in the region. We were also one of only two companies to be named leaders in both the APAC and North America and EMEA studies which is a huge result in third-party confirmation of our massive efforts for smart, strategic global expansion.

Looking beyond Asia Pacific areas, our global expansion is focused on hot regions that are quickly adapting to the latest marketing technologies, especially in Latin America and France.

We have a long and deep history in the UK and Germany, and our global expansion is an effort in conjunction with being the absolute best social intelligence partner to our customers, which number over 1,200 of the world’s largest brands and agencies in industries as diverse as financial services to consumer tech, consumer packaged goods to healthcare, education, government and much more.

We want to be the social intelligence platform of choice that clients will queue to work with – simply because we understand our clients, and we add character, smart insights, and commitment to their work.


Marketing technology is a crowded space, with newcomers, niche players, and strong startups emerging and winning new market share every day. Pundit Scott Brinker’s infamous Marketing Technology Landscape graphic evokes the huge presence of this industry. In a vast sea of technology, analytics and data providers, Brandwatch stands out for its culture, commitment to impeccable customer service, and its focused business strategy.

Marketing analytics have become absolutely essential for major brands and agencies, and the latest technologies are evolving faster than many marketers can keep pace with today. Social data and analytics is a huge factor in that, as it holds an ocean of unsolicited, unfiltered information from consumers on their unadulterated and authentic opinions. It’s a consumer insights professional’s best tool in the journey to truly understand the voice of the customer.

Everyone was touting visual analytics as “the next big thing” in marketing analytics for awhile, yet at the end of the day text analytics remains king as it holds the most robust data. In the future we’re going to see further advancements in categorisation and audience analytics because that is where the real intelligence lies for marketers.

And that’s what we’re focused on at Brandwatch, providing the absolute best social listening and analytics technology on the market.